Sunday, July 21, 2013

6 Months Old!

     Today Cade is 6 months old! It is hard to believe that he has already been here for a half of a year. The time has really flown by and he is growing just as fast as the time flies. There are moments when I miss the 8 pound bundle of baby that would just sleep in my arms throughout the day but we are purely delighted to witness his delight in the world around him. We cannot get enough of his laughter and smiles. He officially decided that he does like sweet potatoes as of tonight and polished off his entire bowl's contents! We continue to thank the Lord for our son and the time he has blessed us as a family.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

All for His glory!


God is so good! 
 This last Tuesday Tim, with the favor of his Lord and the support of his family and friends, received a full pass after enduring 3 hours of oral examination from his assigned committee board. He is now officially a candidate for doctorate. God has shown himself to be faithful in every step we've made in this journey known as grad school and Tim's famous QE was no different. We praise Jesus and know that this is for His glory.
That being said the last month or so has been quite tiring and most of the time stressful. The evening after his exam we celebrated with chicken fajitas and rest! The next morning Tim got to sleep in and we enjoyed a relaxing morning sipping coffee!

We finally got our patio set up for the summer. Part of my birthday present was to go pick out flowers and plant them on our patio. It is one of my favorite places when all set up and feels like home. We sit on our patio in the morning sipping our coffee and enjoying our flowers. I got carried away with taking pictures but I think they are so beautiful so I hope you enjoy them too!

We are not the only ones who enjoy our patio, Chauncey also enjoys relaxing outside and seems to think the patio chairs are for his lounging!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4 months and growing...

Cadence Paul continues to be a source of joy and a blessing. Once again we can't believe that another month has gone by and we are seeing a new stage begin with new sounds and movements and accomplishments. Cade is now giggling and laughing when tickled or delighted by something and two weekends ago his two bottom front teeth started to pop out! Tim and I continue to feel so blessed to be parents and are enjoying every minute of it!
He is quite the talker but tends to get camera shy as soon as we try to capture it, but here is a video of a short conversation we had...

We recently had his 4 month check up and he weighted in at 15lbs and grew two and a half inches!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


It is crazy to believe that Cadence is 3 months old today! He seems to grow bigger every day and new pieces of his personality are starting to emerge. He is beginning to giggle when we tickle him and can hold his head up when he is supported. He prefers to be upright so he can look at the world around him. And we've learned he can fill his diaper from end to end as we just experienced our first official 'blow out.'

 Falling over...

Here is a video we took of him sitting on his own until gravity took over!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our morning adventure!

This morning we bundled up and headed out for coffee and scones. One, because this is one of our favorite treats to enjoy together and a great way to start the day. Second, because we ran out of coffee and we currently don't run on no caffeine!! So we bundled up Cade who fell asleep on the way and blessed us with some quiet moments for just Tim and I.

As I was bundling Cade up and thinking about the chilly morning air we were about to walk into I enjoyed a wonderful memory from my childhood- Our family would head to the coast for our vacations together and I remember my parents packing the car the night before we were to leave. They would wake us up in the wee hours of the morning and carry us to the car where we would buckle in and then go back to sleep under the 49er blanket they had prepared to tuck all around us. I remember the car was running and already warmed up with the heater going, Thanks Daddy! I look forward to making those memories with our family. 

Here is a new outfit we wore today and I couldn't stop taking pictures, he was just too cute!

Friday, March 22, 2013

2 Months Old!

Cadence Paul is 2 months old!
     It is crazy to think two months has gone by and that we are now seasoned parents. Ha! The last few months have been absolutely amazing and we fall more in love with him daily. Looking back, here are some of our memorable moment.

1. Learning to swaddle effectively- sleep saver!
2. The feeling of poo hitting you from across the changing table at 2am!
3. Being peed on- Tim holds the record with 5 times- twice on the face!
4. Milk Spit-ups.

1. Whenever he smiles at us.
2. Rolling over while doing tummy time.
3. New sounds that he makes.
4. Bathtime.
5. Cute tiny clothes.
6. His blue eyes.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Favorite Picture

     One piece of technology that I'm so thankful for is skype! It is always such a joy to see the faces of family and get to visit via video! This little technological tool has also become a blessing to interact with Tim throughout the day. 8 hours is quite a long time to be away from each other so on my days off from work we would try to skype for a few minutes to catch up with each other in the middle of our days. Now that Cade has joined us it is also a treat for Tim to get to see Cade during the day and not have to wait until he comes home after work. This morning Tim snapped a few pictures of us while we were skyping so he could have new pics of Cade on his laptop and this one is a new favorite. As soon as I help Cade up to the camera he stopped fussing and starting smiling and making adorable sounds...I'm sure it had something to do with seeing his daddy!